Anti-corrosion protection of industrial features and fittings, valves and process equipment.

«MERIDIAN-STROY» LLC - one of the leading manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation carrying out a full range of works related to anti-corrosion protection of pipelines, industrial fittings, valves and process equipment (oil well, pumping etc.).

Meridian-stroy is year round engaged with oil and gas industry within its specialization and also provides anti-corrosive services at own facility located in Chelyabinsk which is equipped with the up-to-date equipment such as shot-blasting and paint chambers. All of our works are performed in accordance with technical conditions of GAZPROM and TRANSNEFT companies.

Abrasive and sandblasting performance

Abrasive and sandblasting performance

All goods are undergone by sandblast or abrasive cleaning before starting anticorrosion operating. Our specialists use up-to-date equipment to perform anticorrosion services.
Cladding at pipes fittings

Cladding at pipes fittings

Our specialists cover anticorrosion polyurethane coating at pipes fittings.
Anticorrosion services of tanks

Anticorrosion services of tanks

Our specialists perform anticorrosion works of vertical steel oil and liquid product tanks using steeplejack equipment.
Quality testing

Quality testing

We have certified testing laboratory of the coating where our engineers use only up-to-date equipment of global producers.


After completing of anticorrosion works and drying of the goods at the special chambers our specialists pack these goods for the departure.
Boarding and delivering

Boarding and delivering

After completing of full cycle of works the goods are boarded in to the trucks of the Client or trucks provided by Meridian – Stroy.

Anticorrosion protection materials

During of work performance our engineers use only certified isolation materials producing by famous produces.

Polyurethane protection material

Polyurethane protection material

Field conditions

Applying of protection material

We have huge experience of applying protection materials in difficult climate conditions.


Company senior management has the extensive production experience, technical and management expertise.Staff' training meet all the requirements which are necessary for approval to perform anticorrosive services as in the field as in the manufactories.


Meridian – Stroy is the main contractor of PJSC Gazprom program of important replacement of technology testing and experiment – industrial involving of the new domestic anticorrosion materials.


Inventories, stable finance figures of our company allow perform all requests in the short time and at high level.

Technical conditions 1469-001-88374889-2012 approved by PJSC Gazprom

Меридиан-Строй Технические условия ТУ 1469-001-88374889-2012 logo_transneft_glow

Technical conditions 1469-001-88374889-2012 approved by PJSC «Transneft»

Технические условия ТУ 2313-001-88374889-2012


Technical terms and conditions 1390-001-88374889-2016 approved by PJSC Rosneft



Development of the technology

During realization of program of important replacement working group of CJSC “Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat” tested of the technology of applying the materials at pipes’ fittings and readiness of Meridian – Stroy to the performance of operating performance.

Cooperation with designing engineering firms

In accordance with the requirements of important replacement under CJSC “Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat” continuous work is performed together with designing engineering firms to involving to the construction and operation of gaz trunk lines of new technologies and materials getting under the program.

Operation capacities

Our facility

Our facility based in Chelyabinsk city is equipped with the up-to-date equipment such as shot-blasting and paint-spray chambers.

Our partners

Our Clients