Every year in our country, from operating organizations, interest related to anticorrosion protection both to building structures and technological equipment and pipelines is growing. Moreover, oil and gas companies have been involved their own quality standards that provide a comprehensive approach to solving problems on corrosion protection. In accordance with the main regulatory documents, such as GOST R 51164-98 «Trunk Steel Pipelines. General requirements for corrosion protection», the main types of materials, work production technologies and many other things, up to the color designation of insulated structures are approved the types of materials, technology of work performed and other things, including color designation of coating goods.


Preparation for application

Abrasive blasting of products. Preparation of tees for applying anticorrosive coating at the Meridian-Stroy facility.

Завод Меридиан-Строй

We are pleased to announce that Meridian Story LLC follow to the high standards that are set by all customers, for example, by PJSC Gazprom and PJSC Transneft, using anticorrosion protection for combined and polyurethane materials, as well as the most Advanced painting compositions.

Our company annually is able to produce by itself:

  • Anticorrosive protection of pipes, stop valves, connecting elements in manufactory conditions;
  • Repair of anticorrosive coatings of underground pipelines;
  • Painting of external and internal surfaces of tanks and process equipment;
  • Anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of pipes and connecting elements.

Excellent technological organizational process, reliable planning of production capabilities, Meridian-Stroy LLC is ready to perform any scope and level of requested works.



Application of a protective anticorrosive coating on the industrial valve.


To extend the life of pipeline systems, fittings, industrial valves and other elements.

We use a steel chipped shot (or kupershlak) for processing (creating a certain roughness) of the surface of the product. The abrasive material is fed in a jet of compressed air created by diesel and electric compressor stations.

If the coating is single-layer, then with a complete surface preparation cycle for 1 sq.m. Surface from 2 hours (depending on the state of the surface of the metal).
For example: the T-piece OKSH 530x9 (S covering - 2,1kv m) - from 3,5 hours, the bend of OKSH 530h9 (S covering = 2kv.m.) - from 3.0 hours.

The company guarantees the quality of the coating according to the signed contract (usually) 1 year after the acceptance of works, and the manufacturer of the material guarantees the quality compliance with the standards for a period of 25 years.

The modern external anticorrosion coating for protection of details of underground placement has a warranty period of work of 25 years, then, by the decision of the operating organization, the extension of this period is possible.

All materials registered by Gasprom and Transneft, the main materials are available on the website.

Anticorrosive coating (anticorrosive protection) includes several types and methods of applying insulation, such as protection against weathering - paint and varnish insulation, anticorrosive protection of underground structures - bitumen-mastic, polymer tape and combined mastic tape insulation.