Anti-corrosive coating "Forpol-Oil" developed by "Kronos SPb" and is a three-layer reinforced protection of pipelines. This material is used since 2009 and over the past time has proven to be highly effective.

Areas of use:

The outer coating is designed to protect against corrosion:

  • Main and field oil and gas pipelines;
  • Product pipelines with a hydrocarbon medium;
  • Pipelines of liquefied gas;
  • Fittings and fasteners;
  • Pipeline valves;
  • Tanks, pipelines, storage tanks and fittings, underground gas tanks, pump and compressor stations.



Coverage «Forpol-Oil» has passed the full test cycle of «VNIIST", Limited Liability «NII TNN» and PJSC «GazpromVNIIGAZ» for compliance with the requirements of the coatings of this type, and is recommended for inclusion in the registers of materials approved to supply objects and enterprises of PJSC «Gazprom» and PJSC «Transneft».

Comprehensive coverage «Forpol-Oil» meets the requirements of GOST 51164-98, can be applied at the factory, and right on the highway when laying pipelines construction and repair of oil and gas industry.

The hydrocarbon products have a high fire risk, which imposes additional requirements on the materials used and their components.

This material consist of:

  • a primer layer «Forpol-primer» thickness of 40 - 60 microns, improves adhesive properties of the material;
  • three layers of mastic «Forpoyl-Oil» thickness 1 - 5 mm, providing reliable protection of the pipeline meets the requirements of the Law № 123-FZ «Technical Regulations of fire safety requirements».




Absence of volatile organic solvents in the compositions of the starting components of mastic provides not only ecological spray technology used, but also the lack of shrinkage and internal stresses in the resulting polymer coating.

Surface preparation before application of the mastic

Before the preparatory work protected surface should be cleared of fatty, oily stains and dirt. Surface preparation is made shot-blasting or abrasive blasting equipment to the level of:

  • 2 according to GOST 9.402 (Sa2,5 according to the ISO 8501-1 standard) with a surface roughness Rz = 30-60 microns when applied directly on the route of the pipeline laying;
  • 1 according to GOST 9.402 (Sa2,5 according to the ISO 8501-1 standard) with a surface roughness Rz = 60-100 microns when applied at the factory.



Anti-corrosive coating «Forpol®-Oil» is applied by airless spraying of mastic.

Application of "Forpol-Oil"

Anti-corrosive coating "Forpol®-Oil" is applied by airless spraying of mastic.
For the application of the insulating material used systems for two-component spray coatings preheater components GracoReactor E-XP2 and WIWA PU 460.

Typical scheme of the protective coating

Coverage "Forpol-Oil" consists of the following layers:

  • 1 primer "Forpol primer" (TU2458-114-20504464-2009) with a thickness of 40 microns;
  • 1 layer of mastic "Forpol-Oil" thickness 2.0 - 2.5 mm.

The number of protective layers, depending on the pipe diameter and the operating conditions can be increased to three.

Storage and packaging

The components of the insulating covering should be stored in a tightly closed container at a temperature of minus 30 ° C - + 40 ° C, away from heat sources in the room, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Materials can be stored for one year from date of manufacture.