Material "KORTEKOR-867" is manufactured and supplied by LLC "Kortekor Group" in the form of a polymeric composition corrosion "Kortekor-867" (TU 2226-003-95971812-2007), produced by "Kortekor" Manufacture (Novomoskovsk, Tula region).


Experience of "Kortekor-867" is being successfully implemented in JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" manufacture (Aleksin city) from 2009. The coating "Kortekor-867" was applied at the largest pipeline projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.


Isolation of pipe fittings, pipes and fittings, poles and conduits wells, installation and crane components, capacitive underground equipment.


Low Temperature

Coverage «Kortekor-867» retains its mechanical and barrier properties with long-term exposure to very low negative temperatures.

Technical requirements

All technical conditions of material "KORTEKOR-867" follow to the requirements of Gazprom and Transneft companies and is included in the registers of these companies. The details of this material are equal to the type M (antifreeze) and type Pk-60 (temperature range from -60up to + 60 C). It was supplied to major projects of oil and gas pipeline in Russia and CIS.


Material "Kortekor-867" with a thickness of 2.0 to 6 mm, which is determined by technical departments of Gazprom and Transneft will provide corrosion protection of steel pipelines and their fittings, oil wells, industrial valves, underground process equipment in the conditions of normal-cold and cold climate at least 25 years.


High Efficiency

High performance polyurethane coating «Kortekor-867» has a dense three-dimensional structure of a material having a low porosity. This structure makes it difficult electrolyte to penetrate the surface of the steel and completely isolates it from the aggressive water – solid environment.

Application technology

Material «KORTEKOR-867» is applied to dry, fat-free, pre-prepared steel surfaces with a dust degree after cleaning up to 3 in accordance with ISO 8502-3. Surfaces should be prepared by abrasive blasting equipment to the level of Sa2,5 according with ISO 8501-1 standard, roughness Rz not less than 70 mkm.
The applying technology follow to the application of single-layer polyurethane resin compositions and carry out in accordance with Technical condition 2226-003-95971812-2007 (Russian requirement to the applying of coating material).
This component consists of two metal barrels volume of 200 liters each of red and blue.

Details of «KORTEKOR-867» material


Weight, kg



Polyisocyanate (red) 235,0 252,0
The polyester resin (blue) 220,0 232,0


Total weight (gross) 484 kg (two metal barrels).

Material KORTEKOR-867 is applied at JSC «Tyazhpromarmatura» (Aleksin city) manufacture by «Meridian-Stroy» LLC started from January 2015.