PROTEGOL UR-Coating 32-60 Н

Material Protegol UR-Coating 32-60 H is used at projects of long-term operating temperatures up to + 60 ° C and permissible temperature rise up to + 80 ° C, at manufacturing and field applying.


Goldschmidt TIB GmbH company (Mannheim, Germany, - manufacturer of materials with more than 100 years of experience in the chemical industry and 40 years of experience in implementing Protegol anticorrosion coating systems.
CJSC "Protekor" (Moscow, Russian Federation, is a co-developer of a number of materials and general distributor of Protegol series of materials in Russia and CIS.


Environmentally friendly

Material and coating «Protegol URCoating 32-60» is hi-tech, no harmful carcinogenic components like coal tar, benzopyrene.


Corrosion protection of pipelines by Protegol materials in Soviet Union has more than 30 years of history: from the 70's European manufactures were delivery fittings, valves, isolated by Protegol materials, as per orders by the Ministry of Gas Industry of USSR for the Urengoy-Uzhgorod gas pipelines, compressor stations, as well as for oil and gas pipelines at the territory of Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.


Has more advantages

Material «Protegol» has more advantages against its analogs such as speed freezing and the lack of necessary to apply primer preliminary.

Area of applying

This two-component material can be used in any area, but the most demand is in oil and gas industry, because allows do not stop the pipeline to its repair or applying some parts of the pipeline (except the case of significant damage of the pipeline).

The interest in special climatic conditions of Russia and CIS countries primarily have the anticorrosive materials which are tested and certified in accordance Gazprom and Transneft standarts: polyurethane Protegol UR-Coating 32-55 H and epoxy Protegol EP-Coating 130 - for isolation of pipes, fittings, industrial valves and assemblies of gas and oil pipelines, welded joints, including piping of compressor and pumping stations, and others.


Toughness of the material

High toughness rates is approved by performed testing of state departments.

Technical requirements to the surface

Coverage steel surface must be dry, clean, dust-free, have a good profile and be free of oil, dirt, old paint, etc. To obtain the right conditions it must be used methods of preparation such as the blast cleaning.
Steel surfaces must be cleaned to near white metal (degree of preparation in accordance with DIN 12-944-4 at least Sa 2½). The first layer should be applied immediately after cleaning. The next applying is permitted if the initial clean level is the same. Designs structure must meet the requirements of DIN 28051 and DIN 28053 or VDI guideline 2532.
Surface profile should be between 50 and 70 microns. The abrasive material is shot or abrasive powder.


Efficiency of the applying process

Intensive practical application of anticorroion materials Protegol UR-Coating 32-60 in the global oil and gas industry is specified due to the high efficiency of coating processes.

Application technology

Surface temperature should be at least 3 ° C above the dew point. PROTEGOL® UR-Coating 32-60 is applied to only a two-component system of hot airless spray. We recommend ReGra-ND equipment, Graco. Recommended gun is Fusion, Graco. At + 20 ° C dry time is 2 minutes and after 3 minutes (depending of the weight of the paint elements) can be stacked. Continuity test can be carried out after 3 minutes. The applied voltage may be up to 10,000 volts per 1 mm coating thickness.
Relative humidity during application must be at least 80% (in case when the humidity is more than 80%, please contact us for advice).


Winter conditions

The speed of polymerization of applied coating allows insulation works locally in the winter, if the surface to be coated and maintained in the shelter temperature is greater than or equal to +10 ° C.


Design life of pieces applied by Protegol material is equal to the period of pipelines service.


Component A (30 kg) and Component B (25 kg) in 30 litters non-reclaimable barrels
Component A (300 kg) and Comp. B (250 kg) in 200 litters of non-reclaimable barrels