Epoxy-polyurethane coating system «UP-1000 / FRUCS 1000A», developed by the Japanese company «Kawakami Paint Mfg. Co. Ltd.» was introduced first time at PJSC «Gazprom» facilities in 1991. The quality of the coating system «UP-1000/FRUCS 1000A» is confirmed more than 20 years of successful experience of the performing at oil and gas facilities in Russia (PJSC «Gazprom», PJSC «Transneft», LUKOIL, Rosneft, etc.) and the conclusions of the leading expert organizations in the country (JSC «VNIIST», «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», LLC «NII TNN», State University of oil and gas in the name of Gubkin, JSC «AKH im.K.D. Pamfilova»).



Cover «Frusis-1000A with primer UP» has passed the examination of industrial safety and are allowed to use by «Russian State Technical Supervision».


The coating system «UP-1000 / FRUCS 1000A» has a high resistance to cathodic disbondment, high adhesion (after 24 hours after plating), frost at a temperature of minus 60 ° C wide ranges of storage temperatures, transportation and operation (-60 ° C to plus 80 ° C), low requirements for the insulated surface roughness (not less than 30 microns).

The coating process is carried out by spraying mechanized and using special equipment without preheating the insulated pipes and valves, and the uniform coating is applied to the products of any shape and any size.

The coating used in the construction, reconstruction and repair of production and transportation of oil and gas. The coating may also be used for isolation of piles and other marine structures.



Cover «Frusis-1000A with primer UP» provides reliable, more than 30-year corrosion protection of pipelines, fittings fasteners, fittings, valves, ball valves, gate valves, etc. during long operation up to + 60 ° C in any aggressive solids.

«PRIMER UP1000»:

Two-component hardening paint based on modified urethane epoxy resin.
Special primer coating for «FRUCS 1000A».
Is applied with a brush or spray installation.
Contain an organic solvent.


Two-component hardening paint based on urethane modified with coal tar (no carcinogens).
Is put a special spray installation.

Repair material «FRUCS»:

Two-component curable urethane-based paint, solvent- free.
Applied with a spatula.