Development and production

Starting from 2013, the company "Gazprom Salavat StroyTEK" included in the production plan development of fastly harden corrosion protection of oil and gas pipelines "Urestek" material. This system is a single-layer outer coating. For its production it is used a modified polyurethane, which is developed in terms of the state program of import substitution. This means that the manufacturer uses the latest technological solutions and years of experience related to trunk covering.

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Material "Urestek" began to be used actively in 2014. It allows to coat the underground pipelines and structures from the external environment. Taking advantage of anticorrosion system Cleints on their own experience of performance found in the high quality of coating "Urestek". A similar opinion is shared by the organization, carrying out testing at the energy of industry facilities.


Properties of anticorrosion coating

Properties of anticorrosion coating "Urestek" satisfy to the requirements demanded to the type Pc 60 in accordance with the STO Gazprom 9.1-018-2012, as evidenced by the results of laboratory and production tests.


Anti-corrosion coating "Urestek" is applied for the external protection from corrosion of underground constructions of oil and gas pipelines with operating temperature up to 60 ° C:

  • pipeline valves;
  • fittings and connection features;
  • repair of trunk and field oil and gas pipelines;
  • product pipelines with a hydrocarbon medium;
  • tanks, pipelines, storage tanks and fittings, underground gas tanks, pump and compressor stations.

Защитное покрытие «Урестэк» соответствует требованиям ГОСТ Р 51164-98 и СТО Газпром 9.1-018-2012. Покрытие предназначено для нанесения в заводских условиях и в базовых условиях на трассе прокладки трубопроводов при строительстве и капитальном ремонте объектов нефтегазового комплекса.


Protection of pipelines

Technical details of material "Urestek" is easy to use which allow to simplify technological process of applying at surface of pipelines and fittings in manufactures and in the field.

Main advantages:

Coating "Urestek" does not contain plasticizers that tend over time to "exudation", accompanied by a gradual shrinkage and embrittlement of the polymer film. There is no solid excipients causing abrasion pumps, mixing chambers and nozzles of the spray equipment. As part of coal tar and no dёgti having carcinogenic effects on the human body.

Creating a protective coating based on the composition "Urestek" excludes pre-priming of steel surfaces.
Due to its properties and performance when applied - polyurethane anti-corrosion coating "Urestek" is a very effective solution to protect against corrosion problems. In cases where short production deadlines dictate their conditions, polyurethane anti-corrosion coating "Urestek" shows his best side. Fast drying and curing the coating allow subjected to mechanical stress in a short time after application. Possibility of applying layers "wet on wet" technology shortens the coating process at times.

The coating does not require drying kilns and the use of other heating systems. As well as drastically reducing the time to work on the quality control of the finished product.

The use of corrosion-resistant coating "Urestek" can significantly reduce labor costs, reduce the time of work execution. More economical compared to other analogues polyurethane applied today.

To eliminate any possible defects cover always necessary repair materials. two-component polyurethane material "Remostek" specially designed for the repair of defective sections covering "Urestek" arising from the infringement of rules of transportation, storage and maintenance of stand-alone products.

Coatings "Urestek" contains no volatile organic solvents and as a consequence, are fire safe and nontoxic.
When the supply of anti-corrosion coating composition "Urestek" consumers are provided the convenience of delivery, safety and reliability of the packaging components.


Reduced labor costs

The use of corrosion-resistant coating "Urestek" can significantly reduce labor costs, reduce the time of work performance, more cost-effective compared with all other applicable today polyurethane counterparts.

Surface preparation before applying anticorrosion coating "Urestek" system:

  • Before the preparatory work protected surface should be clean, dry and degreased;
  • Made compulsory Troubleshooting izdeliy.Podgotovka surface is shot-blasting or abrasive blasting machines according to the standards in accordance with ISO 8504-1 and ISO 8504-2do level 1 according to GOST 9.402 (Sa2,5 according to the ISO 8501-1 standard) with a surface roughness Rz of not less than 70 microns .Enclosure dust after cleaning the surface - no more than 3 to ISO 8502-3;
  • When performing work on the application of the protective coating surface temperature must be at least + 5 ° C;
  • Relative humidity - no more than 85%;
  • Before coating, the surface temperature must be higher than the dew point of 3 ° C to avoid condensation.


Fast drying and curing

Fast drying and curing the coating allow subjected to mechanical stress in a short time after application. Possibility of applying layers "wet on wet" technology shortens the coating process at times.

Application of polyurethane systems «Urestek»:

Anti-corrosive coating «Urestek» is applied by airless spraying two-component system, consisting of:

  • Component "Resin A" - liquid mixture of aromatic polyetheramines diamons;
  • Component "Isocyanate B" (hardener) -zhidkaya mixture of MDI isomers and prepolymers.

For application of the isolation material used for spraying installation bicomponent coatings with preheat type components GracoReactor E-XP2 WIWA PU 460 and to ensure accurate dosing of the components in the ratio 1: 1 by volume at a pressure below 130 atmospheres and at a temperature of (50-70) ° C.


A safe and less toxic

Unlike coatings "Urestek" many polyurethane coatings contain greater or lesser amounts of volatile organic solvents, and as a result, are more flammable and toxic.

Storage and packaging

The components of the isolation coating are transported and stored in original sealed packaging, metal drums with a capacity of 200 liters.
The components of the coating should be kept at a temperature of minus 30 ° C - + 40 ° C, away from heat sources in the room, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Materials can be stored for one year from date of manufacture.