Product description:

Coating «Urisol» (TU 2458-004-78561751-2015) is produced and supplied by LLC «NPK «Reagent» (Vladimir). Is a two-component polyurethane composition,volume ratio base component «Areapal-SR» and activator «Areanet-SR» 1:1, the dry residue 100%.

Area of use «Urisol»:

Coating «Orisol» is intended for external corrosion protection of SDT, valves, welded assemblies and underground structures of elements of KS, PS, GDS, gas and oil pipelines. Coating «Orisol" has a full package of the allowing documentation for compliance with technical requirements of «Gazprom» and «Transneft» and included in the register GP. According to its characteristics, belongs to the outer thermosetting anticorrosive coatings by type PC-60 (range crab. +60до-60C).



Urizol comes to factory production of «Trubodetal», «Sibpromkomplekt», «Trubostan», "Meridian-Stroy» etc.

Уризол - нанесение

Technology application:

Coating «Urisol» is applied on dry, degreased, pre-prepared steel surface with a degree of dust after cleaning no more than 3 according to ISO 8502-3. Surface preparation is blast or abrasive blast equipment up to level Sa2,5 according to ISO 8501-1 c roughness Rz not less than 80 microns.
A prerequisite for the successful application of anti-corrosion coating Uritol® is the excess temperature of the parts above the dew point by at least 3°C.

Manufacturing process of insulation products is fully consistent with application technology single-layer polymer polyurethane compositions and is performed according to Technical condition 2458-004-78561751-2015.



Unlike most polymer coatings containing larger or smaller quantities of volatile organic solvents, causing problems related to their fire hazard and toxicity, Uritol® is a polymer with 100% solids that meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Component «UreanatSR» Isocyanate (red)

Component «UreapolSR» Resin (blue)

Equipment coverage «Urisol»:

The kit consists of two metal barrels, the red and blue colors. The total weight of 425 kg net.

Component «UreapolSR» Resin (blue) 200 kg
Component «UreanatSR» Isocyanate (red) 225 kg

Покрытие «Уризол» в виде полимерной антикоррозионной композиции наносится компанией ООО «Меридиан-Строй» с марта 2014г. на заводе ООО «Меридиан-Строй» (г.Челябинск).