Product Description

Carboflex - a two-component system, includes components A-100 and B-100. The product fully complies with the requirements of PSJC “Transneft" and corresponds to GOST 51164-98 Carboflex has a high resistance to low temperatures -. This allows it to be widely used in areas where long standing severe frosts.


Carboflex serves to provide the outer corrosion protection of the following structures:

  • pipes and pipelines assemblies intended for laying underground or under water;
  • pipeline fittings;
  • process equipment (pressure regulators, ball valves, inverse gates, underground tanks, etc.);
  • other building facilities.



The chemical reaction of formation of this material run for a few seconds, regardless of humidity and ambient air temperature (up to minus 20°C).



When the thickness of the protective coating 1 mm theoretical material usage is 1,065 kg / m2. As for the actual consumption, then its increase is influenced by such factors as:

  • The degree of structural complexity of the product;
  • Coating thickness;
  • The conditions and method of applying a protective layer.

The calculation of the actual flow rate must be carried out according to VSN 447-84.

Packaging and storage

Delivery of the components A and B is carried out in stainless steel 200-liter barrels. protective coating composition the components have the following weight ratio:

  • А-100 — 201 kg;
  • B-100 — 225 kg.

Storage of coating components must be carried out in a dry heated room. Storage Containers should be tightly closed.



Carboflex is a polymer with 100% solids.

пескоструйная очистка

Surface preparation

Before you apply a protective coating, the outer surface of the product should be subjected to shot blasting or abrasive machining. These works must be carried out in accordance with ISO 8504-1 and ISO 8504-2. The surface to be treated must be dry, on it there should be no impurities and defects (cracks, cavities, nicks, burrs, scale).After the abrasion degree of purification of the metal surface should not be below 2 per GOST 9.402 or at least Sa 2,5 according to ISO 8501-1.

The roughness of the surface should be cleaned within Rz 40-100 microns.

The degree of dust after cleaning the surface - no more than 3 to ISO 8502-3.

When performing work on the application of the protective coating surface temperature must be at least + 5 ° C.

Relative humidity - no more than 85%.

Before coating, the surface temperature must be higher than the dew point of 3 ° C to avoid condensation.

The high reactivity of the primary amino groups of polyetheramine with isocyanate groups of the prepolymer provides a virtually instantaneous formation of high-molecular polyureas in the absence of catalysts.

Нанесение Карбофлекса


The protective coating is applied using a hot airless installation that provides accurate dosing of components in a volume ratio of 1: 1. This pressure is 15 MPa (150 atm) Temperature - plus 60-80 ° C. The mixture was sprayed with a thin layer with a spray gun. The components are mixed in a mixing chamber before the spray nozzle tool.


During the work on the application of the protective coating should avoid inhalation of aerosols and vapors. All work must be carried out either outdoors or indoors, equipped with hoods, and means for fire extinguishing system. Thus it is necessary to use such personal protective equipment, such as:

  • Respirator with a filter or a special mask;
  • Protective glasses;
  • Clothing;
  • Gloves or rubber gloves.

After contact with skin, remove the contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water. If skin irritation or redness occurs, you can not do without the help of a medic.



Coating "Carboflex" has been tested for compliance with technical requirements.

Manufacturer's warranty

Warranty Carboflex — at least 1 year from date of manufacture.
The minimum life cover is 30 years.